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Mutualism Mouth Piece

made by using Rhino6 models 3D printed and then cast in sterling silver. Hand fabricated and soldered together to make a final polished piece and finally plated in 24k gold.

Mutualism Pinky Promise

made by using making molds of the finger to create hollow wax forms. After fitting fingers into various positions, they were sculpted into one with a netting embellishment. After being cast in silver, the Pinky Promise was then polished to a high finish and gold plated in 24k gold.

Parasitic Crown

made by using Rhino6 files 3D printed and cast in ancient bronze, then soldered to hand fabricated crown structure. Shell designs were then recreated using a vulcanized mold, and cast production style in ancient bronze and later attached with steel wire. Finally, the crown was patina-ed with Black Magic to make a dark effect.

Mutualism Head Piece

made by using wax forms modeled by hand are then cast in sterling silver and polished. Then soldered to individually textured metal plates to create a movable hair apparatus. Finally, gold plated in 24k.

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